Exotica Plants (EP) has been operating for the past 27 years, specializing in the genus Nepenthes. Prior to this we were collecting and growing Nepenthes, other Carnivorous plants and other exotic ornamentals, mainly as hobbyists, for 20 years.

What’s Special about our Site?

The specialty of our web site is that 100% of our photos are of our plants in cultivation. Proving that you can grow these plants yourself. Our plants are of top quality and we aim to insure that you are pleased with your purchase.

Since the inception of the business we have been hybridising Nepenthes and selecting numerous cultivars. Some of these for their collector’s appeal and others for their vigour and colours for the commercial market, aimed at the average horticultural enthusiast/hobbyist who does not want to bother with specialized conditions. These selected cultivars grow well in a wide range of climatic conditions with minimal care.

Collectors, we have not forgotten you! We are both collectors ourselves and understand your needs. We are doing our best to supply your appetites. We regularly offer new species and variants at very reasonable prices. We try and keep our prices as low as possible so that the average enthusiast can afford and appreciate these unique and amazing plants. Our prices are based on rarity and ease of propagation.