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 Hi All. We are currently working on a brand new web site with a more user friendly ordering system. We hope to have it launched and updated either later this month or October. There will be lots of new rcs and world first hybrids and more. Thanks for your patience.smiley

One of our amazing new releases showing the huge wide peristomes at such a small size. N.[(Rokko'Exotica' x boschiana) x veitchii] x {[(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x (maxima x mira)} 
Geoff and Andrea Mansell would like to welcome you to the Exotica Plants web site.

We are the world leaders in Nepenthes hybridisation, cultivar selection and breeding. 
We have been breeding Nepenthes for over 20 years now and are the only Nepenthes nursery with the experience to guarantee the progeny of our plants and we assure that you won't be disapponted with your purchases.     
Our parent stock is over 30 years old and most are the original of many species and not second guessed substitutes.  
Our quality is second to none!

Try us and we are sure you will agree!

***Please check our ordering instruction page before placing an order.

**We will only accept orders using our website ordering or Excel format as detailed in the ordering instrucions

*Please note that the minimum order value, plants only, is $100 within Australia and Overseas is AU$1000. Permit inspections etc. are additional.


*NB* Due to the ever increasing demand for our rarer and spectacular select Nepenthes species and hybrids I feel I must explain a few things so as
to ease some of the frustration that some buyers seem to be experiencing. 

We seldom tissue culture our rarer Nepenthes species/hybrids as repeated in-vitro propagation alters the plant genetically so they are not true.
This is why we do not think that tissue culture is a viable way to conserve or maintain species. However we do short runs in tc of our pot plant varieties.

Therefore the rarer Nepenthes species/hybrids are only produced from cuttings from our stock plants, some of which we only have one of, or seed.
Even though we can grow our plants quite quickly, there are only so many cuttings we can produce annually.
We also have to leave the Nepenthes plants grow so they can flower and we can produce our amazing hybrids.
Some of our regular customers have been waiting years for some Nepenthes and we can only supply on a first in basis.
Also if we sell all the progeny of what we produce by cuttings it then leaves us with only the one stock plant and round it goes again.
This is actually what we have been doing to supply the demand but it is risky.
So all we can say is be patient as we are doing our best to supply the plants that you want.            

Carnivorous plant online nursery

For many years we have said that Nepenthes plant breeding and Nepenthes plant growing would proceed along the distinguished path of Orchids.
This is the path we, as Nepenthes plant growers, have been treading and the fruits of our breeding efforts are starting to show.
Exotica Plants has also been using the nomenclature system used to name Orchid cultivars and hybrids which lends itself well to naming Nepenthes plants, such a unique genus of the carnivorous plant family. In case you may have wondered!

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"Our quality is  second to none"

Here are just a few comments from our customers:


"Hi Geoff,

The order arrived on Thursday and to say I am pleased is an understatement.

The plants are large and in top condition – your packing is excellent and there was zero damage.

They have been potted and in my greenhouse for 3 days.

They look as though they have been there for months and are showing no signs of stress or setback at all.

Your plants and your service are excellent

Best regards,

Robert Eastment."


 "Order arrived in great shape. These are the best specimens I have seen for sale anywhere. Gorgeous. Thank you very much.


Gareth Hambridge,                                                                                                                                                                                   
Acting Curator, 
Sydney Tropical Centre,
Botanic Gardens Trust,  
Royal Botanic Gardens,   
Mrs.Macquaries Road,    
SYDNEY.  NSW.  2001


Hi Geoff and Exotica,
I received these plants yesterday and I am frankly amazed!!  
These are much bigger and better established than expected, with pitchers and all, beautiful colouration, stout leaves and hardy stems, ready for display almost !
This has exceeded all my expectations by a number of degrees.  
I cannot thank you enough.